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Francisco Contreras R.
30 Agosto 2018
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Our interviewee, Emma, a young hungarian student
This is part of the interview to Emma Sebo”k – Papp from Hungary. Emma decided to study abroad and she has been one more of our students during the past few months.
She has been staying with us for about 3 months. Undoubtedly, for Emma, it has been a great experience to live in Curicó and attend class, particularly in the ISM. She comes from a city called "Hódmezo" va'a'rhely " which means" woodchuck field market “(woodchucks are tiny animals from her country); the city is located about two hours away from the capital, the city of Budapest.

Emma summarizes her experience in our country as follows: "It was very good, I love it here and people are very friendly and the country is really beautiful and totally different to mine, every part is different, it is the whole Europe in just one country. Curicó is a bit similar to my hometown except we don't have mountains and the weather is the same".

Then, we asked Emma her opinion about the people she met: “Actually, the people are very friendly and they are always in a good mood; unfortunately in Hungary, there are a lot of people who are in a bad mood, bored and a bit sad ", she replies.

We also asked her why she decided to come to a country as far away as ours: “I wanted to go somewhere where people speak Spanish and I really don't like too hot weather so I was thinking to go in the summer to South America because here is winter; my sister was in Argentina so I heard something about Chileans. I chose Chile because I also got to know a Chilean girl who was in Hungary for a year and we got along very well, she was really nice”, Emma said.

Such experience allowed her to know more about our people, geography, and history: "I knew that the Andes mountain range is here -so beautiful- and also the Pacific Ocean is really close. I have visited some places such as Chillán, the mines in Lota, Iloca, Concepción, Constitución, Santiago, El Colorado, Ovalle, La Serena, and Tongoy ".

When we ask Emma if she would like to return to our country, she responds with confidence: "Yes. And I would recommend people to visit Chile because it has been a great experience for me".

Emma tells us that our "Chilean Spanish was very difficult at the beginning; however, now when people speak I almost understand everything or I got the picture of what they are talking about but I have to admit: you really speak very fast" - she laughs. "Before I arrived here, I tried to prepare my Spanish because I studied it for one year but when I got here, I realized that I understood nothing".

Then she adds, "At the beginning, my experience in Curicó was a bit shocking because the days were very cold; in my school, the classrooms are a bit bigger with the same number of students, and teachers are not as friendly as you are here because they always keep the distance; during the class is forbidden to eat or drink".

Emma tells us, “In Hungary, I am actually two grades down because we start school at the age of seven so I have just finished the first course (9th grade) and here I am in the third (11th grade) of high school (3mC)".

Our foreign student tells us that in the future, she intends to live in the city of Budapest and study medicine there, "but before that, I would love trying to return to Chile and to this city".

"It was amazing!” these words best describe Emma´s feelings when she prepares to get back to her country by the beginning of September. A great experience thanks to the youth exchange program held by The Rotary International Foundation to become a global citizen for a 16 years old girl who stayed in our school and shared a little bit about her life and culture from Hungary to her partners in 3mC during the class of English.

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